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What can I say about these two?  They are absolutely adorable and oh so sweet.  If you can imagine overdosing on Halloween candy, then that is them.  But I just could not get enough!!!  Here is just a sneak peek for them!  


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The time is nearing an end for Senior Sessions.  If you would like to book a 1 hour urban session, I will be scheduling May 10th, 2014 from 9am - 7pm.  Each session is $200 and includes 10 editied images on a CD with a print release. Slots are filling up quickly so please call me ASAP  405-436-4474


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wee oneswee ones

I had been in a bit of an artistic rut recently.  I was taking pictures, but I wasn't feeling the art coming through.  Then I began studying and learning more about my artistic skills in the digital collage form. This has  allowed me to enter a new realm and I am looking forward to seeing what the future holds.  I will be offering custom  collage images for my customers from here on out.   Here is a peek.  I am loving these.  So much so that  I had to get standout samples for my own studio. :)  

If you are interested in having a special one of a kind art piece created for yourself, please feel free to contact me.  


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I just thought I would share a couple of pics from our getaway last weekend.  We visited Eureka Springs and stayed in a cabin with the most amazing view.  In the distance was Beaver Lake and then beyond that were the Ozarks.  What an amazing way to spend your morning and evening just sitting on the deck seeing the beauty Mother Nature has to offer.  Oh and also, we renewed our vows.  :)  We did a very quiet little JP ceremony and jeans.  And this time I did it how I wanted to... barefoot.  Hehe.


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Wanderlust ~ New England 2013 Oklahoma City Photographer

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In my life I have moved over 25 times.  I lived in Texas, Nevada, California, Indiana, and now Oklahoma.  But I am forever drawn to the sea.  I often joke that I was a mermaid in my past life.  In the summer, I would live in the pool if I could.  Well, all year around if I could. But alas, I live in Oklahoma.  Where the winds blow across the prairies, and the tumbleweed fly by like some little ghost town in a movie. Okay, it's not quite that bad... at least not here in Oklahoma City. :)  But sometimes my gypsy blood boils and I long to roam free.  Last year, I had the great opportunity to travel with a dear friend to New England.  We traveled up to Maine just after the big storms had hit and the waves were high enough they were reaching the seaside beach homes along the way.  Here is just a glimpse of those wonderful memories from Maine. I will be heading up north again in April.  But first, I am headed on a road trip with the Mister.  I cannot wait.  I am sure there will be pictures for that too.  :)  NEW ENGLAND PRINTS AVAILABLE HERE

16x24 lighthouse16x24 lighthouse _MG_0508_MG_0508 _MG_0097-2_MG_0097-2

You're Gonna Hear Her ROAR!!! ~ Oklahoma City Childrens Photography

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You're gonna hear her ROAR!!!  I love when clients have a special set up in mind.  The Mommy to this little cutie patootie wanted a  circus theme.  I am still working on the BIG PICTURE (a special treat) that I created of her, but here is a sneak peek for Mom.  What a fun kiddo to work with.  She sang me songs and enjoyed all of the circus animals.  She even brought her own circus tent.  :)  

Rep Cards & Senior Session Time ~ Oklahoma City Senior Portraits

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Just finished ordering Baby M's referral cards.  I cannot wait to give them to his Mommy!  He was such a little doll.  Now 2 months old it will  be time for another session soon.  He is signed up for the Monthly Watch Me Grow for the first year of his life.  I am excited to see this little guy as he changes throughout the year.  


All of the Valentine Day sessions are done. I am now working on a special "circus" theme a customer requested.  I cannot wait to share! In the meantime, I am starting to book senior portrait sessions.  Please check out my PACKAGES page for the Senior Packages available this year.  And remember, if you bring a friend, you get even more goodies!!!   85198519

Valentines Day Mini Sessions Extended February 8th Oklahoma City Photographer

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Valentines Day Sneak Peek for Mr. M Madin ~ Oklahoma City Photographer

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A little sneak peek for Momma of Little Mr. Madin.  Only 1.5 months old.  He did so well.  :)

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