1,000 Beautiful Things Photography Preparation Tips

Thank you for choosing me as your photographer.

I have put together some tips to help you prepare for our day together.

Grooming Tips
These pictures are a lasting memory so it is important to pay extra attention to your overall “look”. Here are some tips to prepare for your day:


1. Kiss and make up! Less is more. You want to look natural and accentuate your positives while downplaying any problem areas. Be careful so makeup does not look "caked on" (can make retouching more difficult). Makeup (and hair) should "match" your outfits (e.g., daytime casual look vs. evening elegant look).

2. Spider eyes! Eye liner and mascara can go awry after being applied. You do not want them on your skin or your mascara to be clumpy in your pictures. Bring a small compact mirror with you and retouch if needed just before your session. A q-tip with a dab of lotion is helpful in getting makeup that has smudged under your lower lash line. Another problem area - lipstick. Checking it and reapplying it or touching it up immediately before your pictures are taken is a must.

3. Hairy situations! Be careful with hair spray - you don't want your hair to look and feel like a sculpture - it should have movement yet with stray hairs under control. Stray and frizzy hairs can really stand out in photos taken with studio lights or even in sunlight). If you are going to have your hair cut prior to your photo session, it is better to do so about a week before to give you time to get used to styling it.

4. Hands (and feet) on attention! With my photojournalistic style, I often like for my clients (who are comfortable with it), to take their shoes off and get comfy. Nails should be nicely filed, cuticles under control, no dirt or oil under nails, and no chipped nail polish (this shows up strongly in photos).

5. Dry and flaky or oily and shiny skin? You'll need to get it under control for your photo session. Blotting paper and oil control powder can really help if your face tends to be very oily. Lotion or moisturizer is a must for dry skin that's exposed.

6. Don't stress over acne or blemishes! Efforts to cover some blemishes may only make them look worse. Go with a reasonable amount of cover-up coverage. I can zap small blemishes away so don't get carried away trying to cover them up.

7. Check for unwanted Hair. Neck, hairline (to include sideburns and back of neck), nostril area, upper lip, ears, etc. So, have tweezers, trimmers, and a razor handy when you're getting yourself ready for your photo session! If you shave, trim, or get a haircut just prior to a portrait session, it is best to do so before taking a shower as you would be surprised how those tiny pieces of freshly cut hair stick to your skin and show up in close-up shots.

8. Get your wax on! If you will be getting your eyebrows, lip or any other facial or body hair (that will be visible in your photos), please do so 2-3 days prior to your session so that you do not have any redness. This makes it harder (and more expensive) to do any retouching.

9. Ouchies!!! Black eyes, large bruises and cuts, and damaged teeth in photos can require a lot of extra attention (and more money for you) to retouch. Check with your photographer about any such problems as she may prefer that your appointment be rescheduled.

10. Permanent cosmetic problems. Birthmarks, scars, etc. Make sure to let me know what you want retouched and what you do not. Large amounts of retouching do cost extra.

Clothing Tips
What you wear for your photo session can make a big difference. There's that saying about how clothes make the person. Well, clothes can make, or break, a portrait.


1. Get comfy! If you are not comfortable, that will likely show through in your portraits. Go with clothes you like and feel confident in that are also functional and comfortable. Also, keep in mind whether your session is indoors or outdoors. If outdoors, be aware of the weather conditions.

2. Your style! Outfit changes are common during a portrait session, so bring a few outfits (depending on your session usually 2-3) that show your different sides. For example, casual, dressy, and business. For girls, I usually suggest you wear a tank top underneath your shirt and this way you can easily slip into a different shirt if we are outdoors and there is not a restroom to change in.

3. Circle Circle Dot Dot! Though bright fun patterns are fun for children's solo images, they are distracting in larger group pictures. If you are having a solo session, please feel free to bring fun, bright clothing. I loooove color! However, if we are doing a group session, it is better to have your colors compliment each others or even matching colors. I do suggest NO concert type or big logo t-shirts. As for jewelry, simple and minimal yet that adds a nice accent to your look is best. The same holds true for hats and scarves. So, in summary, the portrait is to showcase you, not your clothes and accessories.

4. Long vs. short. Short sleeves and shorts can show off skin tones that vary on your body and that can be distracting which includes unevenly tanned areas. Remember, you need to be comfortable and having too much skin showing as you pose may leave you feeling uncomfortable.

5. Going thru changes. Keep in mind tip # 2. Too many outfits, especially when compared to the length of your session, may overwhelm you and your photographer. Stopping for too many outfit changes, especially in a short amount of time, can be disruptive.

6. Props. Do you play a musical instrument? Do you have a hobby or talent that involves art or photography? Are you actively involved in sports? Are you an animal lover? These all tell more about you. If you are interested in working such into your photo session, let your photographer know. Additions of related items to your poses can lead to some awesome, treasured shots!

7. Consider location. If you are doing an outdoor session in the woods, do you want your attire to fit the environment or do you want to create a strong, creative contrast (e.g., wearing formal wear out in the woods)? Regardless if your session is in a studio or outdoors or something in between, the location needs to be considered and you should discuss any concerns or ideas with your photographer. Also, if you are going to be shooting somewhere other than a studio, the availability of a private area to change clothes needs to be considered! (see my tip in #2)

8. Timeless vs. trendy. In general, avoid items that are overly trendy (concert type t-shirts or quotes) as they may look great today, but you may later regret them in what would otherwise be treasured keepsake. However, if you want to go the route of something that is trendy for some fun shots, that's fine, just consider also posing with some outfits that are more classic and timeless.

9. Extras for kids' portraits.   For childrens sessions, oversized items such as dads tie, moms shoes, etc. can be lots of fun, but also consider bringing cute outfits and any favorite toys, stuffed animal, etc.

10. Questions???  Please feel free to call me if  you have any questions or concerns.